Using social media to prep pre-interview

We use social media daily in our professional and personal lives – so why not use it to help you prepare for your next job interview?

It makes sense for EAs and PAs to look at publicly available information on social media as part of their pre-interview research, but there is a difference between researching in order to prepare for your interview and crossing the line from enthusiastic to pushy.

Don’t be tempted to send a LinkedIn connection or Facebook friend request to the executive, team members or interviewer. Social media is an important networking and researching tool, but there are boundaries. If you get the job by all means connect, but until then it can make you seem presumptuous as you are implying a level of familiarity that doesn’t exist.

Focus instead on the following:

Get a feel for the culture of the organisation and the type of person who excels and you’ll quickly be able to ascertain if it’s the right culture for you.

Projects and clients
Understand the type of projects or clients the organisation works on and with. Learn relevant industry terms or jargon.

Goals and responsibilities
Get a feel for the team or executive’s goals or responsibilities – this gives you a better idea of how to focus your answers.

Connections in common
See if you have first-degree connections in common. If you do have connections in common ask about the way the executive or team works.

Blogs or articles
Read any published blogs or articles written by the executive or team you’d be supporting. It’ll give you an insight into his or her point of view on current industry trends.

You can comment on one or two of her or his industry-related blog posts. If you make an insightful comment he or she may recognise your name when it comes time for your interview, but don’t overdo it.

Alex Jones
Senior Regional Director Hays Office Support