Guidelines & Conditions

The Executive PA Awards are in place to provide recognition to administration professionals by rewarding and profiling their contribution to the successful running of their organisations. The awards also recognise the efforts of employers and management to empower their administration team members, to encourage good practice and aid establish identifiable career paths for administration professionals in organisations. The awards also contribute to the role of Executive Assistant becoming a chosen career path and goal for young people entering into the workplace.

Making nominations
You can start your nominations and come back to them as many times as you like and you can also make as many nominations in as many categories as you like. You can nominate yourself. We encourage you promote the awards to your colleagues, boss, HR departments and suppliers to also make nominations.

Who can enter?
Executive Assistants can nominate in any category.

HR departments can nominate your organisation for Employer of the Year category through a designated Personal Assistant within the company.

HR departments, colleagues and management (including your boss) can nominate a Personal Assistant for PA, Up & Coming, Best Orgnised Event and Outstanding, categories.

Destination & Travel Management companies and Personal Conference Organisers can nominate an Executive Assistant client that they have worked with on a business event.

Please make your nominations clear, concise and with as much evidence to back up your entries as possible. You can upload Images, logos and documents, such as job descriptions and resumes and add these to your nomination at any time.

Ideally entries for Best Organised Event category should include images together with a “hero” shot of the actual event. A Team can make a nomination for Best Organised Event, with one team member designated to make the nomination and accept the award should it reach finalist stage, and prize if it wins.

The deadline for nominations is 31st August and we may contact you for more information nearer to the deadline, if one of your entries is being considered.


Copyright and your privacy
Each member of the worldwide panel of judges will be required to sign a binding confidentially agreement and your nominations will be used only for judging purposes. During the Awards process your information will be disclosed to relevant jury members only. Information, and assets, such as headshots, logos and other photographs may be used for publicity purposes at the announcement and conclusion of the Awards

Documentary information, headshots and other photographs from nominations may be used by Executive PA Media for publication in future editions, once the awards have concluded.

Your personal information, such as Resume, job description and contact details will be kept private and not made available to anyone at anytime.


Conditions of Entry
Executive PA Media publishers have sole discretion to refuse an entry or remove it from consideration for an award if their opinion that the entry:

I. does not comply with the Terms and Conditions.

II. is not consistent with the nature and spirit of the awards or is inappropriate, offensive, indecent or illegal. (For example: an entry contains inappropriate or offensive words or images; an entry contains words or images that have potential for a claim of defamation.

III. breaches, is likely to breach or infringe, or there is an active dispute about, a third party’s copyright or moral rights.

The judges decisions are final and in the event of any dispute a designated Executive PA Media representative has right of veto. No correspondence will be entered into once the finalists have been decided and winners announced.