MINDFULNESS MAKES MONEY – The business case to invest in a mindfulness program

EA Danielle O’Neill and Mindfulness expert Ray Good get into the nitty gritty of justifying the investment of a mindfulness practice for employees, to your executive.

The bottom line is that in addition to helping an organisation’s employees to become clearer thinkers, more engaged, better at managing stress and calmer, Mindfulness makes money.

Ray provides two case studies to illustrate its benefits to businesses. International software business SAP rolled out its Global Mindfulness Practice to employees, with remarkable results.

Subsequent research found the program resulted in happier employees and higher profits.

Of his own experience of working with home care services organisation Home Instead to help employees manage a transition to a 4 day week; after 12 months they reported a 22% increase in profits and a massive 70% less sick days taken by employees.

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