JK Rowling’s ex-personal assistant to pay back thousands in fraud case

JK Rowling’s former personal assistant has been ordered to pay back nearly GBP 19,000 after using the author’s credit card without permission.

Amanda Donaldson, 35, worked as a PA for the author of the Harry Potter franchise from February 2014 up until her dismissal over the incident in April 2017. Donaldson spent over GBP 9,000 at retailers and coffee shops without authorisation from Rowling, and was also accused of purchasing over GBP 7,000 worth of foreign currency and withdrawing nearly GBP 2,000 in cash.

The author pursued damages in a civil case at Airdrie Sheriff Court, and Donaldson has been ordered by Sheriff Derek O’Carroll to pay back the money.

A statement released on behalf of Rowling said that, “the decision to take this matter to court was a last resort and not for her personal benefit, but rather to protect the reputation of her existing staff, and to make sure Ms Donaldson is not in a position to breach the trust of another employer.”

Rowling will donate the reclaimed money to her charity, Lumos.