Airlines consider weighing passengers

Discreet ‘pressure pads’ may be installed at check-in desks to weigh passengers so airlines can reduce their fuel consumption.

Several long-haul airlines are in talks with British-based firm Fuel Matrix about installing the system to replace their current weight estimation method.

Currently, airlines use passengers’ gender to judge the approximate weight of the payload, but it’s an imperfect system. The weighted pads are designed to give a more accurate reading of how much a flight will weigh, and therefore, how much fuel is needed.

It’s a system designed to both cut down on the airline’s fuel costs and also reduce a plane’s emissions. Nick Brasier, CEO of Fuel Matrix told The Independent this method could save a significant amount of money, (up to $1.37 billion) while keeping passengers’ dignity intact.

“We’re not suggesting people should stand on the scales, but airports could fit ‘pressure pads’ in the bag-drop area in front of each screen… then the weight can be recorded and passed confidentially to the airline,” explained Brasier.