The Boss Factor

10 lessons in managing up for mutual gain
The Boss Factor by Richard Boston

I’ve been a PA for 29 years and tasks that once were challenging and encouraged my career development have become mundane, leaving me feeling a little stale. I was hoping this book would give me a fresh view of my career, what I want from a job and where I want it to take me.

I’ve read leadership books before and they can be quite tedious and a little pretentious but this broke that stereotype – it was an engaging read that really made me think deeply about my own focus, attitude and needs. Richard starts by explaining his leadership theory and the essential qualities of any successful relationship – ARC (authentic, responsible, courageous). This message runs through each of the 10 lessons, which can be read concurrently or as standalone chapters; each offering insights and examples to help you relate.

The book is primarily concerned with managing-up and encourages you to look closely at what you want from your organisation, what you expect from a boss and how you operate yourself. But it’s also valuable if you’re already a leader – each lesson offers tips on using the theory to develop those you lead.

I didn’t realise how much of an influence I could be on my boss and those around me. I also learned that having the confidence to challenge my boss and question the norm is the only way I’ll be able to align my vision with theirs and that of the company and, therefore, achieve success. And I realised there may be hidden factors as to why people make the decisions that they do.

  Debe is EA to the group chairman at Hammond.

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