Mindfulness and the Art of Change by Change

Radical leadership for managing change
Mindfulness and the Art of Change by Change by Philip Cox-Hynd

This was a thought-provoking read for me as our new CEO wants change management implemented – but being involved in change management is not a pre-requisite for reading this book as the philosophies and wisdoms apply to any PA in terms of how you communicate and work with others. It really makes you think about why you behave in a certain way, and how to change both your work and home life.

The book is about recognising and making changes – there’ll always be resistance, but understanding and moving past this can enable change, resulting in responsibility and accountability. For example, when you’re trying to lose weight you know changes are needed, but you may not do anything until you can’t fit into your suit. But when you recognise this and start setting goals for change, you can independently own and be responsible for change. If change is enforced we resist but when we have a choice and are included and bought-into the new idea, we see that change creates improvement; both individually and overall for a business.

I’d urge any PA to read this as it makes you think differently; taking time for actually tackling a problem through to solution, instead of just doing and reacting frantically. It gave me extra confidence to put ideas forward and agree more clarification before owning tasks (therefore giving me choice), recognising my already time pressured role had still to be fulfilled, together with extra opportunities.

  Lorraine is a PA at Yazaki Europe Ltd.

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