Smart phones take teams on adventure around their city

Imagine taking part in a team adventure race through your city guided by your own phone or smart device!

Well that idea is now reality with Corporate Challenge Events.

I am delighted to announce the launch of City Appventure, a new team building program that harnesses digital technology to send groups on a fun, challenge-laden pursuit around a CBD, suburb or entire town.

It is a fun program for organisations who want to work on team strategy, communication, navigation, following instruction, time management, budget management, and taking people out of their workplace comfort zone.

So why did we decide to create a new program like this?

Firstly, there is demand.

We’ve experienced increased interest and bookings for our City Scramble team building program over the past few years.

City Scramble is what City Appventure is modelled on – one of the best team building activities and scavenger hunts around a specific location.

Through our consultation and debriefs with clients, we took on board feedback to look at integrating technology into these type of programs.

Using smart devices became a ‘no-brainer’ as everyone uses them, they are ideal for navigation and an app could easily replace what we previously provided in booklets.

Secondly, it reduces the need for paper.

We don’t need to distribute activity booklets as the app has become a one-stop shop for instructions, directions and logging the completion of challenges.

It’s not only environmentally friendly by eliminating the use of paper materials but it gets people into the great outdoors undertaking a fun, healthy and active game.

And thirdly, it helps us offer a lower cost program to organisations.

It saves us transportation costs in sending staff to checkpoints around the city. Our staff can remain at a central start and finish location for the initial briefing and concluding presentations, with the app facilitating the movement and activities of the teams around the city.

Using their smart phones, teams can stay in contact with program facilitators for any troubleshooting issues.

A feature of the app is that it is live and fully dynamic, which means we can tailor it specifically for each client and apply ‘in game’ changes to add some further adventure and mystery to the event.

Find out more about City Appventure

Hugh Sykes, Head of Research & Development, Corporate Challenge Events