Revolutionise your Inbox
Starting dates :

1st FEBRUARY 2022
4th MAY 2022
26th JULY 2022
12th OCTOBER 2022


A life changing 8 week online program to transform your inbox

Minutes saved per day​
25-40+% reduce in email time
Week course to free up time, energy and headspace
Minutes saved per year

About this course

Email is central to almost everything in your executive assistant role...

…and is the main method of receiving and managing your workload. But how much formal training have you had to manage this in a truly effective way?


1st February 2022
4th May 2022
26th July 2022
12th October 2022


Usual rate $1250 +gst

Executive PA Non-members- $1120 +gst

Executive PA Members- $995 +gst

The Presenter

Steuart G. Snooks

Email and Workplace Productivity Expert, Steuart Snooks brings his 15+ years of research and experience in presenting the proven Email Management Best Practices to this program. The practical strategies he teaches will transform your experience when working with email.

The Outcomes

Course Content

Shift working focus from Inbox to Calendar. How often to check email. When to schedule specific time for email. How to manage alerts. Managing others’ expectations.

How to handle each email only once. Email storage management to free up headspace. How to set up the Triage View of your inbox.

The proven and powerful 4D method. The best frequency for 4D Triage vs 4D Treatment. Converting email tasks into the calendar. Advanced features for managing workload

How to identify the real bottleneck to your productivity. 7 ways to speed up and automate email replies and processing. Harness the hidden potential of Outlook tools

How to Reduce mailbox size, How to separate complete from incomplete. How to simplify email folders. Use a single email folder for everything. Harness the power of Search.

Progress review your progress, Fine-tuning new skills. Troubleshooting any blockages. Share new learnings and perspectives with peers. Preview options for next steps & more wins.