Revolutionise your Inbox

A life-changing program to transform your inbox

Presenter: Steuart G. Snooks

Email and Workplace Productivity Expert, Steuart Snooks brings his 15+ years of research and experience in presenting the proven Email Management Best Practices to this program. The practical strategies he teaches are life-changing and will transform your experience when working with email. He’ll show you things you didn’t even know that you didn’t know!

“This course has changed my work life! Amazing tips from the email master - I am so much more in control of my inbox. I never would have thought such a huge change was possible”

Daina Latta | Executive Assistant to CEO | Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre

Usual rate $995 +gst

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In Person (1 day Masterclass)

On Demand

The Revolutionise Your Inbox Online Program ‘on demand’. This means wherever you are in the world, you can sign up to access the program at any time (no need to wait for a set start date) and progress through the various modules at your own pace.

Watch the workshop videos and tutorial recordings using pause, stop, rewind and replay to match your individual learning style and speed. This will be supported with weekly ‘live’ Q&A workshops with Steuart, where he will answer any questions and troubleshoot any issues using screen sharing to show ‘n tell the solutions. Access Steuart for a personalised 1:1 coaching session at least once during the duration of the course. Six 60 minute workshops

Need to get it done now?

6 day Revolutionise your inbox Fasttrack program


FEATURING (online option)

These days, email is central to almost everything you do in your role. It is something you use all day, every day. It’s the main method of receiving and managing your workload but how much formal training have you had in how to do this in a truly effectively way? Here’s an opportunity to elevate and enhance your skills in this area. Research shows that by using email best practices, you can save 74 minutes per day. That equates to 39 full working days per year or 15-18% of salary cost per person per year. This time and cost-effective online 6 week program teaches you the latest, cutting edge strategies and techniques to get control of your email and workload.

What you learn will free up a surprising amount of time, energy and headspace that can be used for higher priority tasks, projects and activities.

The 'On Demand' option allows you time to learn at your own pace, implement and then consolidate your learnings in between workshops. The 'Need to get it done now' option allows you to fast-track your learning in just a week. And unlimited coaching is available to support you. Alternatively, participate in the 1 day Masterclass with Steuart for a face to face experience.


• Reduce email time by 25-40+%
• Save 74 mins per day • Save 39+ days per year
• Save 15-18% of salary cost
• Eliminate a major cause of stress, frustration, dissatisfaction, burnout.
• Free up heaps of headspace
• Create a proactive working focus
• End each day with an organised inbox, clear mind and sense of calm


Additional support and screen sharing to troubleshoot roadblocks and ensure you stay on track between workshops​


• Get control of email interruptions
• Reduce distraction from your higher priority tasks and projects
• Establish a proven method to get and keep the inbox organised and under control.
• Set up a system to streamline and better manage workload
• Restructure email storage for quicker filing and retrieval


While the principles covered in this program apply regardless of the email software being used, we show examples and ‘how to’ steps that apply only for Outlook desktop versions (including Office 365) used on a PC not Mac.​


Module 1

WHEN (save 19 mins)
• Shift working focus from Inbox to Calendar
• How often to check email
• Best times to schedule specific time for email
• Turn off all alerts
• Manage others’ expectations

Module 2

What (save 32 minutes)
How to handle each new email only once
• Store WHAT you need, WHERE you need until WHEN you need it – free up headspace
• Set up the revolutionary Triage View of your inbox

Module 3

• The proven and powerful 4D method
• Best frequency for 4D Triage vs 4D Treatment
• Convert email tasks into the calendar
• Advanced features for managing workload

Module 4

• Identify the real bottleneck to your productivity
• 7 ways to speed up and automate email replies and processing
• Harness the hidden potential of Outlook tools – it’s like having your own EA for email

Module 5

• Reduce mailbox size
• Separate complete from incomplete
• Simplify email folders
• Use a single email folder for everything
• Harness the power of Search

Module 6

• Review your progress so far
• Fine-tune your new skills
• Troubleshoot any blockages
• Share new learnings and perspectives with peers
• Preview options for next steps and more wins

Usual rate $995 +gst

“I just wished this course was available sooner, when Outlook actually came out, but later is still never too late! Love your work!”

Filomena Parente | Senior Officer Research Contracts Administrator| Victoria University

“It's fantastic!!! I love to be organised and work out better ways of working. The best things I learned were to work from my calendar and not my inbox, to triage and use the filing cabinet has been great. I've saved time finding things and have been feeling less overwhelmed. This training has been so beneficial for me and I have found it very easy and practical. Steuart is passionate, kind, and so knowledgeable.”

Holly Martin | Admissions Officer | The Gordon TAFE

“I give this program and Steuart's delivery the highest praise. From the first 1 hour session I have looked forward to this every week and it is the highlight. Steuart is at the top of the productivity improvement field. Really impressive course. Well done and thank you.”

Trent McKenzie | General Manager | Nilsen (QLD) Pty Ltd

“This course is great. Be prepared to be blown away by some of Steuart's great tips on getting control of your inbox. Friendly, down-to-earth approach, Steuart is practical and has awesome knowledge of what he does, presents at the right speed, one-to-one lessons to make sure you are on track, good that the training is in bite size chunks rather than just lumped on you and then left."

Mark McEwen | Design Team Leader | Dome Shelter

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