Revolutionise your inbox- 6 week online course

These days, email is central to almost everything you do in your role. It is something you use all day, every day. It’s the main method of receiving and managing your workload but how much formal training have you had in how to do this in a truly effectively way? Here’s an opportunity to elevate and enhance your skills in this area.

Research shows that by using email best practices, you can save 74 minutes per day. That equates to 39 full working days per year or 15-18% of salary cost per person per year. This time and cost-effective online 6 week program teaches you the latest, cutting edge strategies and techniques to get control of your email and workload.

What you learn will free up a surprising amount of time, energy and headspace that can be used for higher priority tasks, projects and activities.

The weekly frequency is ‘just right’ for ensuring you have time to implement and consolidate your learnings in between workshops. And unlimited coaching is available to support you.

Starting 28 October 6 weeks online.
A life-changing 6 week online program to transform your inbox Six 60 minute workshops.

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