EA arrested for skimming $850,000 from US company

In a town just south of Chicago, Illinois, police officers have arrested an EA for various counts of theft and forgery after she allegedly stole $850,000 from her employer over nearly four years of employment.

Jennifer Ramos was working as an EA for Bunge North America Loders-Croklaan—a vegetable oil production company—when she allegedly used the company’s expense reporting system to misappropriate funds.

An internal investigation in cooperation with local police revealed that Ramos had been purchasing airline tickets and hotel rooms for her colleagues online, printing the purchase invoices and then cancelling the reservations.

Once the reservations were cancelled, Ramos reportedly created and filed expense reports with the printed invoices, which the company reimbursed to her personally. Using this process, it is alleged that Ramos received in excess of $850,000.

Often—the police report states—Ramos cancelled the reservations just minutes after they were made. The investigation is ongoing.