Choosing the Best Venue for your Event

When planning an event, it’s best to start with your intended outcome in mind. Is it B2C focussed such as a new product launch or is it B2B or internally focussed such as a company update?

Determining the end result you want to achieve and creating a decision matrix will help you to rate the level of importance for each factor. Ratings will differ according to the type of event:

An intimate occasion such as an employee long-service celebration could be rated on:

  1. Look and feel
  2. Venue availability
  3. Price point

Whereas, a new product launch to potential customers could be rated on:

  1. Desired outcome
  2. Venue being in line with brand values
  3. Price point
  4. Venue availability

Next, develop a brief that can be distributed to potential venues, outlining the event background and your desired outcome, and requirements such as number of attendees, style of event and time of day.

If there is a need for travelling intercity or out of state/country, Regional Tourism Organisations and the associated convention bureaus are a good place to start; they are a useful source of information for venues, activities and accommodation.

The venue selected will be a key partner in a successful outcome. Response times to your enquiry, style of communication, and ability to quickly develop rapport are important factors, along with more functional aspects such as parking.

Flexibility in operating arrangements within venues can be an important consideration.  Venues offering a choice of caterers allow you flexibility of style and service aspects of your event. ‘Bring Your Own’ beverage arrangements could be a considerable cost advantage, particularly if you are able to source a beverage sponsor for your event.

Some venues may also offer the ability to pencil-in a booking in order to secure the space while you are still planning the details. This is helpful if you are considering a range of dates and want to ensure that you secure the preferred venue, or if you are considering multiple venues and you need more time for evaluation. It is usual practice for a venue to remain unconfirmed until you have signed the venue hire contract and paid a deposit.

Lastly, word-of-mouth can be invaluable – engage with peers and gather advice based on their experiences.

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