Boost team morale with Banana Life

While there can be many benefits to working remotely, one major drawback is the fact that your team has fewer opportunities to socialise. This is a critical aspect of helping your team to grow and refine its operations as members get to know one another and have a little fun. 

In a remote setting, this can lead to isolation and disconnection, setting the scene for an increased chance of conflict or reduced productivity.

Virtual team-building is the solution to this issue. It can help to create a sense of community while giving your team a chance to have a little fun.  To help explain this concept more, the experts in virtual team-building at Banana Life dive a little deeper into the topic.

Team-building with virtual activities

Virtual activities allow the members of your team to take part in a joint exercise remotely via virtual meeting software. This can help to build trust, resilience and facilitation skills. The key, however, is ensuring that the activity keeps your team engaged.

“The best virtual event! Well planned, friendly hosts and games tailored to our team with a cultural flavour. We were blown away to see a virtual event can be this fun!  Lots of exciting moments that brought our team closer together”

Saori N, Google APAC

Give them more than just another Zoom meeting

Virtual team building doesn’t work if people are bored with the idea before you even begin. By this point, your remote team probably shudders at the thought of connecting to yet another meeting through Zoom or any other video call technology. For this reason, it is crucial that your team-building exercise offers a point of difference. Your workmates need to see that this will be a new experience, as this helps to boost their attention and focus levels.

“Banana Life really made our team building day more exciting and special! With all of our team working remotely and a lot of new team members, each person got a chance to shine and interact, there was never a dull moment!”

Sarah H, GippsTech

Why virtual team-building is vital

Every workplace strives to develop and nurture good working relationships, and one of the keys to doing this is open communication, a problem-solving process that works, and team members who can collaborate well. Some studies show the most practical way to do this with remote teams is with virtual team-building exercises as this creates a rise in the teams’ effectiveness and trust in one another. These exercises can be equally effective for virtual teams.

Ready to try virtual team building?

Banana Life has a range of virtual team-building options that tick all of the necessary boxes above, and we invite you to join our weekly demo which takes place every Tuesday at 1pm AEST to see what the various options are like.

Our hosts run the sessions for you, ensure your team is engaged and above all, having fun. It’s time to try something different to boost your workplace morale, check out the options at Banana Life today.