You offer the box, they choose their gift

One gift to please everyone
Everyone has had to be flexible this year, from working remotely to pivoting their business models, so this Christmas more than ever is a great time to give thanks for sticking it through a tough year.

BananaLab provides a unique gifting solution when you don’t know what to give and don’t have the time to research various products.

How it works
In each box your recipient will receive hundreds of experiences pre-paid, with no price tag, no additional cost for them, and the flexibility to choose the experience that interests them.

Choose from 9 different giftboxes, ranging from $99-$599. Discounts available for bulk purchases.

Stand out from the crowd

Boxes are fully customisable with bespoke sleeve design, and personalised messaging inside the box, or try a personalised video message available through the BananaLab app.