Book Review: Digital is Everyone’s Business

Digital is Everyone’s Business by David Banger

From the title you might be fooled into thinking: Banger will spend 160 pages convincing you to ‘go digital’ or why ‘going digital’ would benefit you personally and professionally.

The reality is: ‘Digital’ is the last chapter of Banger’s book. This is justified on the premise that “digital will be part of business not all of the business”.

Organisations, regardless of how technologically-dependent they are likely to become, will always rely more heavily upon people and relationships to bridge the divide between organisational strategy and the practical experiences of teams assisting in achieving those aims.

‘Digital is Everyone’s Business’ is a testament to the unique, professional, journey that Banger has undergone. Along the way, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and understanding, particularly when it comes to teams with shared values and Lighthouse leaders, who can find unique ways of unlocking the full potential of every member of their team, and thus, create a better future for all.

John Apotsis, EA.