Case to reopen borders builds as travel bubbles emerge

As the level of new Coronavirus infections continues to fall, a number of proposed and initiated travel bubbles are adding to the momentum to reopen borders sooner rather than later.

At Midnight last Friday, 15 May, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia created the first travel bubble by opening their borders to each other.

Their citizens can now freely travel within the region, providing an opportunity and reason for businesses to reopen. Like Australia and New Zealand, these countries entered into lockdown early and have experienced minimal rates of infection.

Some travel restrictions have been lifted between Finland & Estonia, as well as between Poland & Lithuania, although only for business or education purposes.

The European Union (EU), has started to provide guidelines for its member states to coax them to reopen their internal borders to restart wider travel.

Closer to home and earlier in the month, New Zealand and Australia formally agreed there should be the establishment of a trans-Tasman travel bubble between the two countries, but only when safe to do so.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk recently tabled the idea of an interstate travel bubble between QLD, NT and WA—regions that have all experienced low infection rates.