Why a positive culture at work is vital more than ever

Dwain Richardson, from Corporate Challenge Events will be a regular contributor to Executive PA Media. This month Dwain shares six reasons why a great culture in the workplace is vital and the value it can bring, ahead of the inaugural Workplace Culture Month in April.

The attraction and retention of good staff
If you have a strong team culture, existing staff will see a future in the business and good people will apply to be part of it, it’s that simple. It will not only reduce the cost and resources involved in the continual recruitment and training of staff, a great culture will ensure you have the best people.

The trend towards Work Life Integration
We now live in a close to 24/7 business environment where people blend their professional and personal lives into one. If we don’t enjoy our work environment, the motivation to work these longer hours especially during personal time, will drop resulting in lower productivity, poorer performance and potentially resignation.

The positive mental health of employees
Whilst there are many factors involved in good mental health, a supportive and happy work environment is a very important factor. Recent studies by PwC and Instinct and Reason show that a mentally healthy workplace will produce higher levels of staff retention, increased productivity and reduced costs in absenteeism and compensation claims.

The reliance on team units in the workplace
Every workplace today, with the exception of sole traders, relies on team units for a business function. They may be small or large but, regardless, there needs to be team building, harmony, cohesiveness and unity for the team and ultimately business to succeed. In any industry, an individual is only as good as his or her team.

The productivity of staff
Quite simply, happy staff are more productive staff! Even the time spent to nurture fun and enjoyment in the workplace such as corporate team building activities, social events, corporate training days and in-house competitions is time well spent for the productivity it will enhance.

The ultimate profitability or viability of the organisation
Consider this! A positive corporate culture will aid in the retention and recruitment of staff; add motivation for people to integrate work into their lives; promote a mentally healthy workplace; create team harmony and unity; and, increase productivity. This can only lead to business success however that looks to you – profitability or viability! And that is why it’s important to create and nurture a positive team culture in 2017!