Uber for Business simplifies corporate travel

Uber for Business—an all-in-one ground travel platform—is set to change the status quo of corporate travel.

Managing corporate travel can be a time consuming task. Organising transport means ensuring that each trip is ordered, recorded, paid for and put on the correct expense report. With this process, keeping each ride in line with a company-wide travel policy can interrupt an EA’s busy schedule.

Popular ride-sharing platform, Uber now has a range of business travel solutions that is set to reduce the amount of time EAs spend organising and reconciling corporate ground travel. With Uber for Business admins can now manage their employee trips as well as access individual trip details in their easy to manage dashboard.

“Uber for Business simplifies EAs and PAs every day work. It’s simple to add new users, review your team’s rides, and track how much they spent” said Tim Rossanis, Head of Enterprise at Uber for Business.

“Now your travel policy is automated and effortlessly trackable.”

Simple travel management

The Uber for Business dashboard allows users to manage group travel quickly and easily. Logging into the dashboard, an administrator can set permissions, spending limits, and handle billing as well as access individual trip tax invoices. By setting spending limits, times and ride types, an administrator can set and track a travel policy with ease.

EAs can order and organise rides for their executive, key stakeholders or clients—even if they don’t have the Uber app installed. With Uber Central, only a phone number, name and destination is required to get someone moving.

Streamline your expensing process

Expense reports are a time consuming process, digging into time that should be spent on higher-order activities and thinking. By allowing admins to invite personnel to a business profile attached to their company’s payment settings, Uber for Business can almost eliminate the need for ride-related expense reporting.

Depending on the setup, riders using their business profile can charge rides straight to the company, or use a corporate credit card and have receipts automatically forwarded to a company’s preferred expense provider, eliminating paper receipts.

Eats for Business

Also, Uber Eats for Business allows businesses to manage food ordering for their employees. Whether they’re ordering in the office, travelling for work or attending a team meeting Uber Eats for Business simplifies corporate meal ordering and expensing.

To help move your business along, Uber for Business will waive the 10% service fee, when new businesses sign up to Uber for Business. That means you’ll only pay for the cost of the trip your employees takes.

To learn more about Uber for Business, visit their website.

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