SanDisk The iXpand Mini Flash Drive

SanDisk iXpand Mini

Reading this you’re probably thinking, “What’s so special about a flash drive?” This isn’t just any old flash drive, Sandisk’s The iXpand Mini is compatible with your smartphone and allows you to transfer any photo or file straight to the computer from your phone. Currently, the process of sharing files between a phone and a computer is difficult. It’s either through email, which means you have to go into the email app, search for the file you want to attach, send it to yourself and hope the file size isn’t too large to send. Or maybe AirDrop, which is only compatible between Apple products. The iXpand Mini automatically backs up your iPhone or iPad camera roll, protecting your thousands of photos, videos, and files, and has a lightning connector and USB connector, so you can quickly transfer all of that content to your computer.