Robert De Niro’s assistant sues for $12m

De Niro and Robinson had been involved in lawsuits since she left her job in 2019

Graham Chase Robinson, who was hired as Robert De Niro’s executive assistant in 2008, is suing the star for “severe emotional distress and reputational harm” caused by gender discrimination, in her role up to her resignation in 2019.

Robinson, who was on a $300,000 salary, alleged she was treated like an “office wife” and that she was given gendered tasks like vacuuming, mending his clothes and scratching his back. She also claimed he called her a “bitch” and a “brat” and that a male employee with equal responsibilities was paid more than her. She also said that De Niro sometimes forget his children’s birthdays and she would be tasked with buying their presents.

De Niro, whose production company is separately suing Robinson for $6 Million, accusing her of stealing $450,000 of his credit card airline miles, spending thousands of dollars on personal food and travel and bingeing on Netflix while at work, told the court that her allegations were “all nonsense”.

He was asked whether it was true that he sometimes urinated as he spoke with Robinson on the telephone.

“Give me a break with this nonsense. You got us all here for this?” De Niro said.

In an outburst during the session he shouted “Shame on you, Chase Robinson!”, which he subsequently apologised for.