Review: Fix your team by Rose Bryant-Smith and Grevis Beard

Rebuilding relationships, addressing conflict, and putting a stop to destructive behaviours does not have to start when relationships are already ‘on the rocks’; when conflict is so far gone that only HR can deal with the issue, and when destructive behaviours have already damaged a team’s morale, cooperation, and productivity. Fix Your Team gives everyone: team members, supervisors, managers, even HR, the tools to remedy team dysfunction.

The book is set out in three parts: part one sets out 12 situations that, through their careers as workplace consultants, Bryant-Smith and Beard have identified as being common when dealing with team dysfunction.

Part two lays out the tools you will need to apply to remedy the destructive attitude or behaviour, based on the outcome you wish to achieve. Addressing team dysfunction, implementing change, and having difficult conversations can be mentally, physically, and psychologically taxing on the individual. So, part three is all about strategies to ensure that you “…remain effective and stay sane as you set about fixing your team.”

Thus, Bryant-Smith and Beard pull no punches, the onus is on everyone working in, managing, or advising a dysfunctional team: “Everyone can influence a team’s morale, values and behaviours…” why? Because we all deserve to look forward to going to work!

Our Reviewer:
John Apotsis is a PA at Finity Consulting