Place first in events

One of the challenges many corporate event organisers face is sourcing new and exciting places to hold their events and conferences.  The other challenge is managing ambience within a room full of strangers or colleagues who hardly know each other, which can be stressful for participants.

Holding an event in conjunction with horse racing can prove beneficial in more ways than one.

1.        Your guests have the opportunity to experience something unique that they may not have planned to do, whilst attending your conference, meeting or event.

2.       A harness racing activity provides a welcome distraction from the serious side of your business and creates a platform for guests to interact and discuss the activity that they now have in common.

3.       Guests can also be encouraged to interact with each other by participating in specialised activities such as an ‘In Harness experience’- offered exclusively in Victoria, where guests can drive in an actual race on the track. A unique and memorable experience for participants and spectators alike.

4.       Corporate companies can also use these types of activities to support their marketing and branding campaigns, with race names and horses bearing their brands or those of your new products.  Races and horses can be named after companies, providing exposure across multiple media channels.

5.       Team building activities with a racing theme can also be incorporated into an event held at a racetrack with facilities ready made for your company to enjoy.  These can be as simple as a human horse relay or multiple other activities outdoors.

6.       Coupled with dining, a racing event can provide a memorable and cost affective end to a successful event or meeting.

7.       Accommodation can also be provided to complete the occasion and ensure maximum benefit is gained from your event.

8.       If space is important to you, then a Harness Racing venue is ideal as it has space in abundance. This is perfect for your launch, exhibition, outdoor activity, supplier promotion or show.

Tabcorp Park, the home of Harness racing in Victoria, is a sure bet and provides loads of options for meetings, exhibitions, training, launches, conferences and events.  These can be held on a race night to utilise the power of racing to enhance your companies’ goals or held any day of the week.

Either way horse power offers a unique opportunity for your company to back a winner for your next event.