PA Corporate Travel Manager of the Year!

Independent research has identified that Personal and Executive Assistants are trusted with an average corporate travel budget of $264,000-US, with 11% holding budgets in excess of $500,00-US. Executives think nothing of trusting their assistants to handle all aspects of their travel, from long distance flights through to transfers, accommodation and meetings diaries – even managing their credit cards. The trust invested is reflective of the faith executives have in their PAs’ business management skills, which are so vital to the success of all organisations.

Submissions for this category should include one or some of the following…

1/ How the entrant successfully manages the travel activities of their team or executive, that may involve unusual requirements

2/ Examples where the entrant has innovated to improve current practices.

3/ A case study of an excellently handled travel plan that had unusual requirements.

4/ A business travel case study of successful crisis management by the entrant.

Submissions should include as much detail as possible, for example locations, time restraints, budgets, stakeholders, successful interpersonal communication and conflict resolution.

Self nominations are encouraged.

Employers, bosses and HR are particularly encouraged to nominate their assistants.

Travel management companies and destination management companies are welcome to nominate an Executive Assistant client who works with you. Please note the nomination must be for an Executive Assistant client, with their job title and position of their boss included. Marketing managers will not be considered.

Start your nomination now and you can always login and add to it later. Inclusion of head-shots and other attachments is optional at the initial stages of judging

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