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Logitech StreamCam

Are you looking like a pixelated blob on Zoom meetings? Your webcam is probably letting you down. Take your video-conferencing appearance to the next level with the Logitech StreamCam. This stylish webcam will make you and your home office look a million dollars. Its 60 frame-per-second, 1080p high-definition camera and AI-powered facial tracking will make sure you never fall out of focus in calls. Plus, the device can be paired with Logitech’s Capture software, which has a suite of sophisticated tools that help automate exposure and framing, so you can focus on your meeting.



Working from home has made us all rethink our home office setups. We’ve invested in monitors, mousepads, and keyboards, or (at the very least) nicked one from the office. But even with all these neat office essentials, a standing desk has either proven to be too difficult to grab from the office, too pricey to pick up, or well, just plain ugly. With the US-made StandStand, you can keep your back healthy in style and for cheap. The wooden platform comes in a variety of sizes, heights, and colours—so you can match your home decor. Plus, when it’s time to get back to the office, it folds up into a neat package that is probably lighter than your laptop. Also, starting at $60 (USD) the StandStand is much cheaper than most standing desk converters on the market.



These days, having ten tabs open in our browsers feels like the bare minimum we need to do our jobs. Switching between tabs to access Google Drive, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Slack feels clunky, and power-hungry browsers drain computers’ performance. Shift brings all your web apps together into one, easy-to-use desktop program. Integrate all of your social media accounts, email addresses, Slack channels and calendars into Shift and all you need to do at the start of your day is lift the lid of your laptop, open Shift, then get to work. For only $99 a year, this fully customisable dashboard should definitely be on your office essentials wish list.



For many of us coming out of lockdown and back into the office will require a major brain ‘switch-on’. While we’ve all been working diligently, increased time at home—and in my case on the couch—has been a little draining on the intellect. If you want to snap out of your working from home slump, then give Lumosity a try. The developers of this app brought together scientists and game designers to create a plethora of games that are proven to get you back to thinking critically and help sharpen your problem-solving skills. A perfect companion for the commute.