New Zealand could be back to normal by next week

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern has confirmed the country will be moving into level one restrictions next week—effectively resuming ‘normal’ life—provided no new cases are presented in the coming days.

Under level one restrictions international borders will remain closed, but there will be no distancing rules, domestic travel is fully permitted and gathering sizes will no longer be limited.

“Level 1 potentially means we keep our border restrictions, but life feels very, very normal otherwise,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

This news comes as New Zealand has permitted multiple groups of 100 to attend the same event.

As long as each group of 100 is separated into ‘defined spaces’, larger events can now go head—which is good news for the meetings industry.

Guidelines for these changes can be found on the New Zealand government’s website.

Ms Ardern told a local radio station New Zealand’s cabinet will be discussing the move to level one next Monday and will provide more details after the meeting.

The New Zealand government has flagged that—as long as medical experts agree—the latest date for making the move into stage one is 22 June.