Neuroscience-based programme helping businesses thrive

London-based program Rewired to Relate helping businesses optimise brain use and manage stress

In these unprecedented times, your executive will be looking for ways to enhance the business and develop ways of surviving the unexpected.

A small UK training and coaching company is gaining global awareness with its new, innovative, online programme. Founded on Neuroscience, it helps organisations build high-performing cultures as they define their new normal.

The new innovative programme, called Rewired to Relate, is from London based Shooksvensen. It teaches people to optimise how they use their brain and manage stress, increase their capacity for calm collaboration, expansive thinking and creating new approaches to create business results. The programme is rich in human development and low in price; it is highly affordable and accessible.

As organisations learn to deal with a dispersed workforce, less face-to-face time, more demands on employees and unprecedented uncertainty, stress levels are skyrocketing and human interaction is suffering along with wellbeing and resilience.

Shooksvensen, is recognised worldwide for its ‘brainpower’ programmes for organisations, coaches, and trainers. They develop programmes that create profound personal change but are simple and accessible. Their approach generates immediate workplace results. They use neuroscience, systemic thinking and adult learning theory to make learning stick.

Co-founder and neuroscience of learning specialist, Lori Shook, spoke about the new programme, she said: “Given the current global business environment, a new paradigm is required. Individuals need support with how to cope, how to stay in connection and how to collaborate well with others. They need guidance for how to stay calm in the midst of a pandemic and constant change. They need to know how to think in new ways. With this springboard, they will thrive and perform well together.”

The programme employs the latest in learning technology and is designed to benefit all members of an organisation. It has particular appeal to team members and team leaders. It is delivered in an interactive, fun, and engaging way.

Lori added: “We use social learning. The brain is a social instrument – we learn better together. Rewired to Relate provides content online but learning happens with real experience and when sharing with others: exchanging ideas, highlighting best practices and supporting each other. Teams support each other and celebrate their success together. This is one step towards creating a great place to work where people thrive and business flourishes.”