More Qantas flights for Bendigo!

From May 24, Qantas will be adding more flights to its Bendigo to Sydney route and to make it easier to travel, tickets have been made more flexible.

The two-flight-a-day service means there will be two flights a day leaving Bendigo and two flights arriving from Sydney.

The flights will leave Bendigo at 6.30am and midday every day except Sunday, when they will leave at 9.15am and midday. Flights will arrive from Sydney at 11.40am and 8.20pm every day except for Saturday, when they will arrive at 11.40am and 5.15pm.

This increase in flights is more than was available prior to COVID-19.

Qantas has also recently introduced greater ticket flexibility to encourage people to book despite changing travel restrictions. Travellers can book any eligible Qantas-operated flight before July 31, 2021 and have the option to change the date of travel as often as needed until February 28, 2022.