Mask mandates ending in Queensland, Victoria & New South Wales as confidence returns

Executive assistants and other event organisers now have the opportunity to freely organise events for their businesses and teams without the requirement to wear masks

Perhaps one of the most significant symbols of Australian’s experiences of the past two years is about to disappear from public life. As public confidence has grown in the wake of falling Covid hospitalisations, State governments have begun the process of scrapping mask mandates and other restrictions.

The Queensland government has announced that from the 4th March masks will no longer be required in schools, workplaces, shops and venues.

In Victoria from February 25th February, masks will no longer be needed in most indoor settings, and only required on public transport, in rideshare, airports and high-risk settings.

In New South Wales from February 25, nearly all restrictions put in place in December to combat the Omicron variant will be eased, including the scrapping of QR code check-in.  

The end of mask requirements at work and venues will have a significant impact on CBDs as workers begin to return to their workplaces. And executive assistants & other event organisers now have the opportunity, to freely organise events for their businesses and teams without the requirement for everyone to wear masks.

Russell Peacock of Executive PA Media, which owns the Executive PA Summits, said. “This is exactly the news we’ve been waiting for. Whilst, our Summits are smaller intimate events, they are single days of networking & professional development, and it’s not practical or much fun when everyone has to be masked. We had to put back dates because of the mandates and I’m delighted that we got those new dates right – Brisbane on the 31st March, Melbourne on the 26th April and Sydney on the 24th May.

“Naturally there will be people who are still cautious and that’s completely understandable after two years. If those delegates feel vulnerable and still want to wear a mask at our Summits they should wear one. It’s finally time for us all to come together.”