Lasagna of roasted butternut pumpkin, ricotta, amaretti, pistachio-and mustard fruits

Elio Benedetti, Executive Chef at Doltone House in Sydney, Australia, shares the delicious details of his signature dish.

We re-engineered the much-loved Italian classic with our vegetarian inspired roasted butternut pumpkin and ricotta lasagna. Sourcing only the freshest and organically grown produce, the creaminess of our locally sourced ricotta cheese helped create a truly popular staple dish on our menu appreciated by so many.

“Food is a journey and an experience that should be remembered”

By incorporating unique ingredients into our layered pasta stack, we have been able to create a culinary experience. The crispy fried sage, nutty burnt butter with the Amaretti biscotti and sweet and spicy mustard fruits sourced from Northern Italy, along with flaked Grana Pandao Parmesan cheese add an amazing aroma and flavour. With our love and passion for food being at the core of our business, we were inspired to create a dish that catered to our clients’ needs.

The chef

Over the course of 16 years, Elio has been the Executive Chef at Doltone House and he looks to his travels in Italy to bring inspiration and creativity to the kitchen. With freshness, tradition and local produce at the forefront of his success, he believes that cooking is an experience that takes you on a journey. Elio and the Doltone House team have perfected the art of catering, bringing culinary bursts of flavour to each and every event.

Our thanks to Elio at Doltone House, Sydney: