Kill the noise and arrive better

Almost everyone who is responsible for managing and running events knows the trials and tribulations of travelling for business. When you jet off for your family holiday, it’s easy to bear the less-than-preferable conditions of a noisy, stuffy and uncomfortable cabin, especially if you can kick back by the hotel pool afterwards. But when you need to hop off, run through the airport and get to work, the adverse effects of a trip to the stratosphere are all the more taxing.

We may not notice it, but aeroplanes are incredibly loud, and the constant assault on our ears can hurt the most. Enter noise cancelling headphones. They’re more than just your rubber-tipped earbuds that fill the gaps, they use some seriously genius tech to cut noise – completely. They use tiny microphones to pick up all the noise that’s going on around you, and then plays the reverse frequency back at you, effectively cancelling out the noise. They’re not cheap, and can range anywhere between AUD 250 to 600, but for absolute quiet on an airplane, they’re worth it.