Inspirations for your next event in Asia Pacific

Marriott hotels are more than ready to host your next in-person meeting. Bring your attendees to these incredible places for your next business event!

The time is now to reconnect with one another. Through the ‘5Gs of Human Connection’: Gather, Global, Gratitude, Giving, and Gourmet, Marriott Bonvoy Events will make your next event an unforgettable one.

Be inspired by Marriott’s vast profile of hotels and resorts that spans across Asia Pacific and beyond that are more than ready to host your next in-person meeting. Take your working team, business counterparts, clients, and more, to these six destinations for your next event!


A great country to host your business events and activities in, having international cities like Tokyo that has a lot to offer, as well as cities that offer tremendous culture value for its visitors, such as Kyoto and Osaka.

South Korea

Home to an incredible culinary culture, a rich historical atmosphere, alongside modern architecture that makes it suitable for different business endeavors, it is a place where tradition and modernity blend together in a unique manner.

Southeast Asia

A rising international business hub, Southeast Asia is ready to welcome business professionals with open arms. Blessed with amazing natural scenery and blooming business opportunities, there are also world-class hotels that provide your professional teams with great event and accommodation experiences.


Offering various prime locations for MICE events, vibrant cities in India such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore have countless hotels, resorts, and conference venues to offer to host business activities. India is truly a subcontinent that gives the culture-rich flavor your attendees long for.


As a country with beautiful coastal lines and various cultural attractions, it is a great place to host your next event. In its remarkable metropolitans, together with other amazing resorts in the country, provide endless venues for private meetings and group gatherings.

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