How to craft your job post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic forced organisations to undergo significant change and adjust to an unexpected new reality. If you were called upon to support areas of the business outside your usual remit, it’s natural that you may question if your new duties will remain part of your role longer-term.

For some, the changes to their role have been welcomed. They’ve utilised untapped skills and gained new experiences. If this describes you, and you’re keen to keep your new duties once the crisis passes, it’s important to have an open and honest conversation with your executive as soon as possible.

To prepare for this meeting, collect evidence to show how you have been successful in your modified role and added value to the business. Share feedback from colleagues or teams you’ve worked with and give insight into how your new responsibilities could develop to assist the future needs of the business. Explain how this role fits in with your long-term career aspirations.

If, however, you have come to realise that the changes to your role aren’t aligned with the direction you want your career to take, you also need to have a meeting with your manager to communicate that your skills would be best used in your pre-COVID-19 role.

In this meeting, articulate how you have enjoyed the challenge of your changed role and adapted well, but feel that your pre-crisis role better suits you and allows you to add greater value to the business.

Make clear how the skills you developed during the COVID-19-related disruption will help you perform your pre-lockdown job even better than before. Indeed, you might not have merely gained new skills since you took on your modified role, but also acquired new contacts, developed new relationships and improved your understanding of the organisation’s objectives. Crucially, explain how returning to your old role will fit in with your long-term career goals.

This will enable you to move your career forward in a rewarding direction as your organisation enters its new normal – whether you want to change your role for good or return to your pre-crisis responsibilities. Good luck.

Alex Jones is Senior Regional Director at Hays Office Support.