How nature and activity inspire ideas

Spicers Canopy Luxury Tents are the ideal location to get your team or boss back to nature and thinking clearly

We are spending more time indoors. Sitting in offices and staying at home has had a significant impact on our physical and mental health, creativity and productivity. But every time we make it out into nature—to somewhere spectacular—we can physically feel the stress and anxiety of everyday life stripping away and creative sparks begin to fly.

Encouraging visits to the gym at lunch or a team walking group is proven not only good for the body, but also for the mind. And now, science is beginning to put a finger on exactly what being active and outdoors does to our brains.

Studies have found that getting out of an urban environment and exploring nature is like a return to what we as a species are designed to do. “Humans have spent many thousands of years adapting to natural environments, yet have only inhabited urban ones for a few generations,” which is why returning to nature feels so ‘right’.

According to the research, this ‘right’ feeling actually has a profound impact on our brains, reducing anxiety or stress and increasing our attention spans. Neurologists have worked out that when a person, team or office is in the right natural setting they are more energetic and more likely to come up with new ideas, innovations and solutions.

A setting where our instincts make more sense allows us to embrace our natural talents. This makes a rural escape the perfect destination for an out of town conference, executive retreat or team building escape.

The team at Spicers Retreats know how important it is for corporate groups and exec’s to reconnect with nature. Surrounded by mountains and bushland, Spicers Canopy Luxury Tents is the ideal location for a team that needs to get back in touch with nature.

Spicers Canopy Luxury Tents
Spicers Canopy Luxury Tents are an ideal respite from the busy inner-city lifestyle.

Set deep within a 5,000-acre private nature refuge an hour and a half’s drive from Brisbane, Spicers has set up the most unique glamping destination in Southeast Queensland.

Spicers Canopy Luxury Tents are 10 luxury tents overlooking the serene bushland, where guests can enjoy an all-inclusive and fully immersive nature getaway. The location is designed to be explored. With a team of expert Trail Guides on hand, organisers can choose to include guided walking into their schedule—be it an hours’ walk in the morning before the day starts, or a full day of exploring the bush and team building.

The site includes a lavish central lodge where a private chef prepares ‘family style’ dining with local fresh produce and a generous lounge with a fireplace.

The team at Spicers recommends visiting for a minimum of two full days and two nights, so the stresses of the outside world have time to be stripped away and for the setting to inspire new ideas.