Government: bring your events to fire-affected regions

The government is urging local event planners and EAs to hold their major events and conferences in Australia this year to support Australia’s tourism industry in the wake of the tragic bushfire season.

After news of the fires made international headlines—which some critics claim exaggerated the impact of the disaster—many tourism businesses saw a significant reduction in bookings.

Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham said Tourism Australia’s Event Here This Year campaign is aimed at encouraging organisations to provide a much-needed boost to the local tourism industry by choosing Australia as the destination for their business events.

“Business events are one of the most crucial sectors of our tourism industry delivering huge economic benefits to communities around Australia,” Minister Birmingham said.

“However, the sector has taken a hit in recent months with increases in cancelled events as well as a reduction in international event bookings, even in regions that haven’t been affected by the recent bushfires.”

Minister Birmingham: the sector desperately needs our help to protect local jobs and help communities get back on their feet

“This campaign is a call to all of those Australian businesses and organisations out there who are yet to book in meetings, their annual conference or exhibitions, to rally behind our tourism industry and choose Australia for their event this year.”

According to Minister Birmingham, the campaign encourages EAs and event planners to research what options are available in the regions, as many fire-affection regions are still open for business.

“This is a huge opportunity for Aussie businesses to support communities across Australia, whether it is those in fire-affected regions or other communities across Australia who are also feeling the pain from less visitors.”

The Event Here This Year campaign will run alongside Tourism Australia’s Holiday Here This Year campaign, which encourages local and international tourists to book their next escape in Australia.

Both campaigns are supported by the Morrison Government’s $76 million National Bushfire Recovery Fund.