EA Book Review: Unhindered by Jaemin Frazer

Bronwen Clark

Unhindered: The Seven Essential Practices for Overcoming Insecurity

by Jaemin Frazer

As a subject I wasn’t expecting to review, I found ’Unhindered’, as a read, quite confronting—which speaks volumes for the insecurities I obviously navigate daily, weekly yearly.

With the range of insecurities that can plague our lives, I believe the reader needs to be ready to take the step Jaemin asks. And with someone skilful enough to walk the path with them, the benefits could well be found within his framework.

While any work on personal growth can benefit our lives, personally and professionally, I am not sure this text is as relevant to all Executive PA members as other training or professional development resources could or have been. However, this book and Jaemin’s strategies certainly explore deeply and could be a hidden gem among some personal confrontation.

Personally, in the right time and place I may be brave enough to take a closer and slower look at Jaemin’s Seven Essential Practices for Overcoming Insecurity. It is easy to see why Jaemin has made this a focus of his life work as a life coach.

Bronwen is an EA at Anglicare Southern Queensland