Doltone House Food Philosophy

Designed from seasonally available produce and high quality ingredients, Doltone House has perfected the art of fine food catering applying Executive Chef John Edmond’s four keys to culinary success: freshness, locality, creativity and tradition.

At the frontier of events in Sydney, Doltone House offers an indulgent dining experience where a diversity of cuisines and international tastes are catered for. Their award winning reputation is established on the consistency of every plated dish, prepared with the most advanced culinary techniques to lock in the flavours and freshness.

On the 28th November guest of the 2017 Executive PA Awards will be able to experience this first hand will a menu set to impress. Guests will enjoy a Herb rolled lamb back strap with Persian feta, pea, mint and fresh pomegranate as entrée, mains of confit of duck or king salmon and for dessert, a pistachio & raspberry slice made up of pistachio, raspberry and white chocolate layers, meringue crumble, rosewater marshmallow delights.