Delegating is key

Libby Scrafft, Managing Director of VMS Event & Conference Logistics, has more than twenty-five years of industry experience and outlines the key to conference success.

Content and delivery are both key to a successful conference. The organiser not only has a responsibility to develop the big picture and make sure the event meets the desired outcomes, but also to make sure that the conference runs smoothly and efficiently.

The main focus of an organiser should be on what the content consists of, when it’s presented and who’s delivering it. These key decisions can’t be delegated or outsourced, and they will shape every aspect of the conference. On the other side is delivery. There are many logistical aspects of a conference, such as contracting a venue, space allocation, agenda, timing, food & beverages, accommodation, registration, transport, communicators, speakers and more.

While the organiser needs to have a hand in both the content and delivery of a conference, their primary focus should be on the former. The organisational aspects—the delivery—can be delegated to professionals. They have experience, systems and processes to provide a flexible and cost-effective service, allowing an organiser to focus more on the big picture, and less on the nuts and bolts.

VMS provides support to over 400 events a year from 20–600 delegates for single and multiple day events.