Book Review: MatchFit

MatchFit by Andrew May

I know the areas in my life where I’m killing it, and those that, well, I’m not. Socially I’m smashing it. At work, there is always room for improvement. Physically, struggle street. That’s why I picked up MatchFit and I’m glad I did. It’s a window to ‘a better way of living and working’. MatchFit uses high-performance strategies drawn from the sports and medical sciences and insights from Andrew’s career as an elite athlete and entrepreneur to calculate, engage and track performance in six key areas: move, fuel, recharge, connect, think and play.

How many of us, coffee in hand, get to work, power through and then wonder where the day went? You feel like you’ve accomplished a few things, but often don’t get through as much as you set out to. Hello ‘Performance Moments!’ I’m no athlete, but I’ve started to think like one, structuring each day around my performance moments, key times that I need to be engaged. They’re in the diary as a half or a full hour of power. I’ve also incorporated the ‘Ideal Day’ and ‘Better Week’ strategies into my routine. Changing any behaviour, even as small as going to sleep and waking up earlier. I found the chapters on recharging, connecting, thinking and play more enjoyable to digest than move and fuel. This is hardly surprising, the latter will require more effort! If you’re looking for an evidence-based guide on improving mind and body fitness with short activities and practical advice, I’d recommend MatchFit.

Carly Jefferson is an EA at ERM Power

Carly Jefferson is an EA at ERM Power.