EA Book Review: ‘Everyday Creative’ by Mykel Dixon

Candice Golding shares her review of Mykel Dixon's 'Everyday Creative'

I was drawn to this book.





At work?

Mykel Dixon had me at front cover.

Everyday Creative by Mykel Dixon is not a book you read; it’s a guide you feel. After the introduction, Mykel takes you on an inspired journey to cultivate your core value while seriously challenging your thinking about creativity and business.

Structured in 3 parts, Mykel takes you on a fun self-discovery journey. Throughout the pages you are reminded of things you already know (but needed reminding), and then you learn something new. The book challenged my thinking about creativity in my work. And the result leaves me excited, eager and even more ready to collaborate.

Part 1 involves activities that require reflection; what you get out of this guide all depends on the effort you put in when it comes Time to Play. Make sure to allocate sufficient time to work through them. This is the book for now. Everyday Creative will challenge, ground and excite you and provide the tools necessary to keep you (and your business) ahead of the curve.

I enjoyed reading Everyday Creative and I recommend Mykel’s book to any Executive Assistant and their boss—with one further piece of advice: don’t forget the footnotes!

Candice is Executive Assistant to the CEO at Dr Jones & Partners Medical Imaging