Let’s hear it for the EA! Part 4

Last issue we heard about the evolution of the high-level assistant from the point of view of some talented and insightful EAs – our readers! This time, it’s over to the bosses and others who may not do the role but know it inside out…  

Alper Yurder, UK manager, Witco 

Hoping to employ a chief of staff soon, Alper is responsible for helping develop the Witco application (which helps to streamline and improve the office experience) to meet the needs of UK and Irish audiences.

“As a start-up we don’t have the blessing of having an EA, but I am looking to bring in a chief of staff. An EA is not just a colleague but a companion – I would be so privileged to have one.

I’ve had the privilege of working with EAs in past roles. It was an amazing experience as I’ve had the chance to work with very smart, motivated people who saw their job as an extension of the manager role.

The pandemic has changed the roles and expectations of EAs, and many are managing change management as processes evolve around the new hybrid world of work. Coordinating around hybrid teams has provided new challenges and opportunities for EAs – knowing what should be done from home and what’s best saved for the office environment is a new challenge of judgement to learn. 

Communication has certainly become a priority skill for those recruiting EAs as teams become more disparate, and EAs are expected to take a more active role in helping businesses evolve and adapt to change. This requires a more strategic approach and a good level of confidence.

I think many see EAs as a nicety but not a necessity in the digital age. This is wrong. The wisdom of these colleagues is indispensable and EAs will be crucial to learning how to navigate the new hybrid age. One lesson I have learnt from business is that technology exists to support the indispensable value of employees, not the other way around. There is still so much to learn and so much to try. EAs, supported with the right technology, are well placed to offer teams new opportunities to grow and evolve in step with the zeitgeist.”

Alper Yurder, UK manager, Witco 

EAs can help improve leaders’ mental health and wellbeing, research shows

A Research from Tiger Recruitment shows just that – three-quarters (73%) of surveyed bosses said personal assistants improved their mental wellbeing and reduced stress, while leaders without a PA are reported to work over an additional month per year compared to those with an EA!