Accor Pacific CEO Sarah Derry – Why small & medium sized events will bring people back to our cities

Accor Pacific CEO Sarah Derry talks with Executive PA Media and expands on her presentation to media at AIME.

Accor had a prominent role at Asia Pacific Incentive & Meeting event (AIME) this year and during the press conference she gave an example of Accor’s growth and size in Australia. From AIME’s launch 30 years ago Accor has grown from no hotels, to 36 Accor hotels in Melbourne, as part of the 400 hotels under Accor Pacific.

As early as September 2022 Sarah Derry, who was appointed to her role in February 2022, was busy messaging that tourism and events would be key to bringing people back to cities, and that government support and co-operation would be needed.

In this interview Sarah explains why it will be the small and medium sized events that will fill up city hotel rooms throughout the week, and why it’s so important for competitors to cooperate and collaborate on sustainability issues.