Will your executive need a vaccine passport?

Will your executive be ready when business travel returns?

As international business travel makes a very slow return, there are some things you need to consider organising for your executive in preparation. One of those things might be a “vaccine passport” or “e-vaccination certification of compliance for border crossing regulations” to enable seamless border crossing. The World Health Organization is looking into how technology can work with member states towards an e-vaccination certificate. Of course, with this development comes the need for a respected body such as WHO to ensure the vaccine passport is used ethically across the board.

The World Economic Forum and the Common Trust Network has been working on the concept and to avoid any unnecessary replication efforts. In order to do, WEF has been working with “The Commons Project” to create the “Common Trust Framework”. This framework outlines “a set of registries of trusted data sources, a registry of labs accredited to run tests and a registry of up-to-date border crossing regulations.” The Common Trust Network will also provide an up-to-date database of all border entry rules.

WEF explains: “If your border control rules say that you need to take a test of a certain nature within 72 hours prior to arrival, the tool will confirm whether the traveller has taken that corresponding test in a trusted laboratory, and the test was indeed performed less than three days prior to landing.”