What to look for in a destination

Andrew Hiebl, CEO of the Association of Australian Convention Bureaux (AACB), outlines what factors EAs should consider when choosing a destination for their events.

There is still plenty of scope to help work with many of Australia’s convention bureaux in 2020, to tap into the services and advice on offer as outlined in my previous columns in Chief of Staff.

So, what should you look out for in a business events destination?

Naturally, I suggest that you start with destinations that have a convention bureau. And there is good reason for this. Typically, convention bureaux exist in destinations that have the quality infrastructure and services required to host meetings and conferences. They will also represent communities that are welcoming and want to host your events, as well as local economies geared to servicing visitors.

A convention bureau can be found:

  • as an independent authority (incorporated association or company limited by guarantee)
  • Within a regional tourism or economic development organisation
  • Within state/territory or local government
  • In most city or regional destinations

Search for organisations with the terms ‘Destination Convention Bureau’ or ‘Business Events Destination’ within their title.

Be it a team of two or more than thirty, convention bureaux have personnel dedicated to providing free advice to organisers of business events. They have local expertise and understanding of venue capabilities and capacities, accommodation options, and unique spaces that may not be common knowledge. They also have direct access to local government authorities and experience in approval processes that may be required for use of public spaces.

If you are looking at more than one destination, even better. Convention bureaux will work with their partners to put forward their best proposal in order to secure your business.

So, make working with a convention bureau your 2020 resolution.