in-house vaccination & testing solution for businesses launched

Struggling to stay on top of COVID management in your business? Vaxxvault could be the answer to your prayers

Australian firm Vaxxvault has launched the world’s first digital testing and vaccination management solution for business. The solution provides businesses with the ability to manage the testing and vaccination status of workers and others, through an easy-to-use app and enterprise portal. 

“Vaxxvault addresses the urgent need for businesses to install a digital system to capture and manage vaccination, testing and quarantine for employees, contractors and others associated with the enterprise,” Co-founder and CEO Jeremy Morgan said.

According to Morgan, managing the COVID status of workers isn’t just about good organisational management and worker safety, it’s about mitigating risk.

“Already across the globe we are seeing an increase in litigation due to COVID-related issues in the workplace. The reality is that many of the issues involve system failures in the management and vaccination of staff, which has led to outbreaks, illness and death,” said Morgan. 

“COVID will be part of our lives for several years to come. It has already changed our lives considerably including our working lives, and now we need to look at ways of ensuring we are managing our response to COVID at an organisational level in a systematic, respectful and comprehensive way.

The solution enables employers to manage and report on the rollout of vaccinations and tests across their organisations at an individual level, site level, state level or at an entire enterprise level.

Vaxxvault can be used as an app that staff can carry on their mobile devices to enable quick and easy communication and updates. Employers are able to access the app via a dashboard, which provides a overview of the organisation’s COVID status.