Twice-cooked octopus, olives, artichokes and almond purée

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 Signature dishes for the corporate gastronomer

“Our menu is a modern interpretation of grass roots Italian with a focus on top produce. Because of our location, many of our customers are corporates so I’ve designed a menu that celebrates Italian comfort food without the heaviness often associated with it. “This is a classic Italian dish, which heroes freshly caught, twice-cooked octopus and is a variation of a popular dish you’d find along the Italian coast. Fresh seafood is integral to the menu here and this is the perfect light starter to a meal. “I serve it with olives and artichokes on a bed of almond purée, which acts as a beautiful pillow of flavour to tie the dish together. Although it’s new to the menu, it’s a clear favourite already as it’s a beautiful marriage between Australian produce and Italian cuisine.”

Massimo Mele, Salt Meats Cheese Sydney
Born to Italian parents, Massimo’s childhood was split between Tasmania and Naples, where his passion for cooking was inspired by watching his family prepare traditional dishes. Having commenced his formal training in his teens, Massimo has worked in leading restaurants across the globe for the last 20 years, honing his own contemporary take on Italian cuisine. Massimo joined Salt Meats Cheese Sydney earlier this year, introducing a new menu and food direction to this buzzy, urban restaurant