The office of the future

An Italian design firm has unveiled the office 3.0 – creating an office for the future which adapts in real-time to users’ needs. Carlo Ratti Association, in partnership with Fiat Chrysler, totally transformed the office HQ of the Agnelli Foundation. The result is an app-controlled structure which is equipped with hundreds of WiFi-connected sensors that monitor everything from the temperature and CO2 levels to the location of staff and availability of the meeting spaces.

Each worker has the Building Management App in order to set their preferred lighting and temperature settings and the app works by adjusting levels of lighting, heating and air conditioning as the worker moves around the building. The app can also be used to check in to work, book meetings rooms or shared desks and communicate with colleagues.

“As work has become increasingly digital, why should we be bothered to go into the office?” Carlo Ratti Association founder Carlo Ratti asked in a statement. “The key answer to that question lies in human interaction. The central idea behind the Agnelli Foudnation project is that by seamlessly integrating digital technologies within the physical space, we can forge better relationships between people and with the building they inhabit, ultimately fostering interaction and creativity. This is what we call Office 3.0. It’s a vision that overcomes the limitations of the pre-internet spaces as well as the alienating isolation of teleworking.”