The impact of FISH! on the workplace

By the impact of fish, I am not saying to go out and buy a fish tank for the office although that does have its benefits.

By the impact of fish, I am talking about learning, appreciating and applying the universal training philosophy called FISH!

Let me share the benefits I have experienced by living the practices of the FISH! philosophy for well over a decade.

Firstly, if you don’t know the background story on FISH!, how it began and where it originated, I strongly recommended you read this snapshot to provide some context.

The FISH! philosophy is universally recognised for its transformational impact on workplaces particularly in five key areas – retention and recruitment; customer service; engagement and morale; teamwork and trust; and, innovation and play.

From my experience, I agree with all of those five, but would like to share the impact that FISH! can have on workplaces in five other ways.

  1. Everyone contributes to the culture:FISH! shows that cultural change is the responsibility of everyone in an organisation, not just senior management. Each person is a vital cog for success and can impact others significantly.
  2. It builds trust and teamwork:FISH! provides four simple practices that will build trust, teamwork, accountability and appreciation. The practices can be applied by anyone at any moment in any situation.
  3. Your great culture creates great customer service:FISH! improves the culture within an organisation which will lead to better customer service which will lead to greater customer satisfaction, increased repeat business and more referrals.
  4. You will enjoy your job even more:FISH! helps everyone enjoy their job. We spend a lot of our adult lives at work – 100,000 hours or more. It would be a tragedy to spend this time unhappy and uninspired, for both the person and organisation.
  5. It creates agile leadership:FISH! develops leaders who lead, influence and inspire. It shows leaders there is always a choice on how we behave every moment of every day. You can choose your attitude to create the best possible outcome for any situation.

I hope that shows some of the benefits I have experienced from training with FISH!
It’s not just a training philosophy, it’s a way of being which will directly impact the culture of your organisation. And it’s so simple!

To find out more on Training with FISH! we would be delighted to provide you with an obligation-free quote for your workplace.


Dwain Richardson, Managing Director, Corporate Challenge Events