The gift of team building for a cause

Team building is a vital part of a successful business but when it’s done for a charity it can transform lives.

One of the most popular team building programs delivered by Corporate Challenge Events is ‘Bikes for Tykes’ where participants are faced with conquering fun team activities with the ultimate aim to build a bike from scratch.

The activities develop qualities and skills in participants such as leadership, communication, delegation, planning and time management.

So, it’s an extremely beneficial team building program to that point.

However, the real power in the program comes at the end when the bikes are donated to a charity which supports children and families.

The participants learn about the charity and have the opportunity to meet the families who receive the bikes.

This is when team building goes to another level in power!

It shows how the simplest of gifts such as bicycles can help people who are doing it tough.

The McQuade family of Woodend in country Victoria can attest to the power that a bike can provide for health, motivation and confidence.

Back in 2016, Corporate Challenge Events delivered a ‘Bikes for Tykes’ event for staff of Maribyrnong College in Melbourne.

At the end of the day, the bikes were presented to charity Ronald McDonald House Parkville.

Two years on, Ronald McDonald House shared how one of those bikes impacted one of the recipient families, the McQuades.

You see the youngest in the family, 15-year-old Kale, has Marfan syndrome which is a genetic disorder of the body’s connective tissue.

He has grown up with long thin arms and legs, a common feature of Marfan syndrome, and required a spinal fusion two years ago to correct scoliosis.

Thankfully his father Phill discovered Ronald McDonald House Charities which has provided tremendous support including the gift of a bike.

“To get a phone call to hear that Kale was being gifted a bike nearly bought me to tears,” said Phill.

“The transformation in him both physically and mentally has been wonderful.

“He has built up his leg muscles, developed more stamina and strength, all of which has helped his back following surgery.”

Charity team building transforms lives. It benefits everyone involved – the participants, the company culture, the charity and the end beneficiaries like Kale.

Charity programs like ‘Bikes for Tykes’ can be viewed at or

Tim Crespin, Team Building, Corporate Challenge Events