The benefits of team events to explore a new city

When travelling I often find the best way to discover a new city is to go for a walk. Nothing provides a quicker introduction to a place than a walk around the streets.

Often conferencing or team meetings bring teams together in unfamiliar territory. This may be a new city or regional town, and it can be daunting, particularly when visiting locations where an element of ‘culture-shock’ is present.

Combining team building can provide a great way to explore a new city, and whilst they are all about having fun, the benefits can be much more far reaching and set your team up for an inspired start to 2019.

Here are three great team building programs for exploring a new city:

  • Appventure

This is a scavenger hunt with instructions directed via a customised mobile app. It can be tailored for any location whether a CBD, precinct, suburb, town or parkland. Through the many activities, teams will learn a thing or two about the history and sights of the area.

  • City Scramble

This scavenger hunt style program brings together the best of the Appventure program without the use of technology. A great way to discover the sights of a city or town.

  • Fugitive

A fugitive is on the loose. As you make your way around the city/town completing activities to earn valuable clues to the fugitives whereabouts, you will also experience the best the location has to offer.

So next time you set out with your team, make it a bonding experience.

Dwain Richardson is the managing director at Corporate Challenge Events.