Technofile: Must-have cool office tech with Tim Stackpool


Did you miss any of the best must-have cool office tech to drive your productivity through the year? Tech expert Tim Stackpool outlines a few that might have slipped under your radar.

Use the COLOP e-mark mobile printer to conveniently print barcodes, stamps, logos, text, and images onto various materials including paper, cloth, cardboard, and more. In fact, you can apply prints to all absorbent, level surfaces, as well as ribbons, wristbands, and label sheets. This useful gadget will remind you of working with an old-fashioned ink-stamp, but to print images onto material up to around 15cms (5.9in) long. You can use this to print your own images and texts in the associated e-mark app to transfer to any material. Add a barcode to packaging, a name to an invite, or a logo to a piece of fabric. The e-mark mobile printer prints logos, images, and text in multiple colours.

The average worker is interrupted 56 times per day. TimeChi is a productivity tool (app + device combo) that helps you block physical and digital distractions by creating a better work environment. This little gadget sits on your desk and blocks digital notifications from IM or your smartphone, time-wasting websites, and physical interruptions. With just a tap, it brings the power of the Pomodoro technique and timeboxing into one smart, connected device. With its bright traffic light display, TimeChi makes it clear that you are in the middle of a deep-work session, so partners or co-workers will know when you are trying to focus, indicating it might be best to interrupt you at a later time.  TimeChi works for both individuals and teams, with the app + device combo empowering users to reach their productivity potential, facilitate meaningful team collaborations, and boost creativity.

With the NEWYES SyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen Writing System, you get the best of both worlds. This smart pen allows you to switch between writing traditional notes and electronic editable notes. The system then converts your hand-drawn words or designs into electronic drafts. You can now organise your handwritten notes by searching for words and phrases, all while going paper-free with the smart LCD pad. Predictively, the SyncPen features handwriting recognition to make this tech work as well as it does. In fact, it supports 66 languages as well as math elements.

Complete with a sensor and pen, this tiny device seamlessly integrates with any display that you use. Simply jot down your ideas using GoTouch to share, collaborate, and present them in real time. Likewise, you can use a projector, TV, or any display screen. Just use the special stylus that comes with GoTouch to start drawing. It comfortably fits in your pocket thanks to its compact size. Using the GoTouch app, you can invite others to view your instant whiteboard for collaboration and interaction. That way, everyone can be part of exploring and expanding on ideas. GoTouch is compatible with Android, iOS, PC, and Windows tablets and smartphones.

Evapolar claims to be the world’s first desktop personal air conditioner. It cools, humidifies and cleans the air “creating a perfect microclimate for your workplace”. Based on the specially developed patented nanotechnology it is both small and efficient. It emulates a soft natural chilling process instead of just producing a cold air thread like more conventional air conditioners. Also, Evapolar doesn’t contain any toxic coolants, making it eco-friendlier.

Take your meetings up a notch with the Meeting Owl Robotic Video Conference Camera by Owl Labs. This device captures 360-degree detail during your meetings. Place it in the centre of the conference table and get talking. The Meeting Owl picks up both video and audio of everyone in the room. In addition to the 360-degree lens, the Meeting Owl also uses 8 omnidirectional beam-forming microphones. This covers every nook and cranny of the conference room. Compatible with all major online video conferencing tools, there is no requirement for software downloads for an easy plug-and-play design, and the built-in software can even add in the remote attendees.